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Our Story

Staged Detroit was born out of a simple insight: homes that are staged sell faster and for more money. Our founder, Kristin Calvert, noticed that soon after becoming a realtor in 2008. Even in a poor market, she realized that her listings sold faster and for more money when she staged them. Staging was more than a labor of love; it was Kristin’s calling. She grew obsessed with the creative challenge of staging different style homes in different neighborhoods, and wanted to pursue her passion full-time. So, in 2016, she started Staged Detroit. And as the saying goes, the rest is history!


Over the last several years, Kristin and her crew have staged hundreds of homes across Southeast Michigan and helped their clients sell more than $50 million in real estate. Whether your property is a finished painting or a blank canvas, we know what it takes to distinguish it from the competition and convince buyers to pull the trigger.



Kristin Calvert

As a creative professional who’s excelled in both real estate and interior design, Kristin is uniquely qualified to lead your staging project. You’ll feel her dedication… and quirkiness… come out within moments of talking with her! Her restless personality makes her a great fit for this line of business because the ideas are always flowing. When Kristin isn’t making the world beautiful (it’s part of our mission statement) she likes spending time with her husband Phil exploring new places in Detroit, tracking down her 3 kids on “Find Friends” or ignoring the bad behaviors from her 2 dogs and kitty.






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Aaron Siepierski

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